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Back-to-School Reading


Get kids in the back-to-school spirit with these educational and fun reads!

Eat This! How Fast-Food Marketing Gets You to Buy Junk, written by Andrea Curtis, with illustrations by Peggy Collins

Eat This!

Have you ever noticed how many fast food ads there are compared to ads for fresh produce? Learn about the marketing tactics that processed food companies and fast food restaurants use to convince people to buy more of their products, from creating electronic games that feature branding to using spokescharacters and athletes in their ads.

Fanny in France: Travel Adventures of a Chef’s Daughter, with Recipes, written by Alice Waters and illustrated by Ann Arnold

Fanny in France

Learn more about French cuisine and culture in this book by Chez Panisse founder, owner, and executive chef Alice Waters. Waters imagines her daughter Fanny’s musings on France and includes French recipes in this short story-cookbook hybrid with watercolor illustrations.

Sandwiches! More Than You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Making and Eating America’s Favorite Food, written by Alison Deering and illustrated by Bob Lentz


Want to up your sandwich game ahead of the school year? Learn how to make all your deli favorites and discover new classics (S’More? Pizza Melt? Sign us up!) in this cool cookbook. Plus, discover fun facts about the history of PB&J and tips to level up your sandwich, like adding bacon to your classic Fluffernutter.

3 Appetizing Picture Books to Read This Summer

We recommend three picture books that celebrate food! Bread Lab!, written by Kim Binczewski and Bethany Econopouly and illustrated by Hayelin Choi Follow Iris as she makes a loaf of bread with her aunt Mary, who’s a plant scientist! Plus, keep reading after the story for fun facts about bread, instructions to make your own whole-wheat sourdough [...]

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3 Middle-Grade Novels to Pick Up This Summer

We're solidly into the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer! Here are 3 sweet novels featuring baked goods for young readers to read this July.Love Sugar Magic: A Dash of Trouble by Anna Meriano The first in the Love Sugar Magic series, this enchanting tale follows eleven-year-old Leonora, whose family owns a bakery and has a [...]

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Hooray for Strawberries

It's strawberry season in the US! Learn more about this delicious berry.Tips for choosing strawberries Since strawberries are so fragile, they have to be picked by hand. The United States leads the world in production of strawberries. The United States farms more strawberries to sell each year than any other country in the world. When choosing strawberries, keep [...]

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Let's Get Grilling

Summer is official grilling season in the USA, and marinades can bump your technique up to the next level of flavor. Learn more about marinating to punch up your summer barbecues.Marinade madness Bland food is boring food. Marinade maximizes flavor, adding more complex tastes to tickle your taste buds. The bonus? Marinades make tough foods more [...]

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Be a Friend to Kids with Allergies

We love to share what real kids write. One reader shared her experiences regarding food allergies and food exclusion at school and at parties. Being respectful of people who have allergies is not just kind, but it is truly necessary, as allergies can have life-and-death consequences sometimes. People with allergies have to always be aware [...]

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A Fruit Cooler for Flag Day

June 14 is Flag Day, which recognizes the official adoption of the United States’ flag in 1777 by the Second Continental Congress. While Flag Day is not a federal holiday, communities do observe it in different ways, from holding parades to historical exhibits to displaying flags in public areas.On June 14, organize your own Flag Day [...]

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National Doughnut Day

The first Friday of June is National Doughnut Day. This year it falls on June 7!National Doughnut Day history Did you know that America has taken its love for doughnuts around the world? During World War II, the American Red Cross recruited women volunteers to help the war effort and cheer up American soldiers serving in [...]

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Memorial Day and Victory Gardens

This Monday is Memorial Day! In honor of the holiday, learn more about a part of the US's military history and get ideas for what to grow in your Victory Garden. Military history for Memorial DaySome people think of Memorial Day only as a fun time to kick-off summer with parties and festive long-weekend breaks [...]

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Perfect Pancakes

Stuck in a breakfast rut? Try making a batch of pancakes this weekend!Perfect pancakes recipeMakes about 8 4-inch diameter pancakes.Ingredients•2 tablespoons white vinegar •¾ cup milk •1 cup all purpose flour •1 tablespoon white sugar •1 teaspoon baking powder •½ teaspoon baking soda •¼ teaspoon salt •¼ teaspoon cinnamon •1 egg, beaten •butter or cooking sprayInstructionsAdd vinegar to milk, and set aside for 10 [...]

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