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Be a Friend to Kids with Allergies


We love to share what real kids write. One reader shared her experiences regarding food allergies and food exclusion at school and at parties. Being respectful of people who have allergies is not just kind, but it is truly necessary, as allergies can have life-and-death consequences sometimes. People with allergies have to always be aware of what they come into contact with, and that can mean that they are excluded at times. But,how can you help out a friend? Anneliesse shares her perspective:

Allergy Inclusion

My name is Anneliesse D. and I am twelve years old. I have food allergies. I am allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. If I even eat a little bit of one of these foods I might get sick and have to go to the hospital. Sometimes food allergies can make you feel excluded when somebody with a food allergy is at a party or in a class when people bring in special treats. Imagine if somebody brings tacos for a school party and you have to sit there and watch people eat them or you have to eat something different. It would probably make you feel sad and excluded.

To prevent kids with food allergies from being excluded at parties it is probably best to bring a non-edible treat or to ask your parents to contact the allergic child’s parents to see what food is safe for that child. You can make a difference by including kids with food allergies and making it safe for them!

Thanks, Anneliesse, for helping us understand why kindness matters! Do you have an opinion or idea to share? Tell us about it at hello@ingredientmag.com.

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