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Marinade Madness


Bland food is boring food. Marinade maximizes flavor, adding more complex tastes to tickle your taste buds. The bonus? Marinade makes tough food more tender.

Marinade is a liquid made for flavoring and tenderizing meat and vegetables. Most marinades are made with some acidic ingredient, like vinegar, juice or wine. Other ingredients usually include oil, like vegetable or olive oil, plus aromatics like onion,garlic or ginger, plus spices. Meat or vegetables are covered in marinade and placed in the refrigerator for several hours so the flavors can soak in.

Marinating food changes both its flavor and texture. Marinades work by coating and absorbing into meat or vegetables. The acidic ingredients in marinade help break down the structure of the tissues of meat or vegetables. This softens and tenderizes the food.

Creating your own marinades is a fun way to invent in the kitchen. Think about what flavors might mingle well together: soy sauce, pineapple juice, garlic and ginger?Olive oil, sun dried tomato bits, oregano and red wine vinegar? What combinations can you think of?

Butternut Squash

What is one benefit of living in a place with a chilly temperature? Better squash! Squash grown in a colder region like Minnesota are sweeter than those grown in more moderate climates like Maryland. What kind of climate do you live in?Don’t know? Go online and research it. Controversy surrounds the history of butternut squash. The type of squash was developed as part of an experimental agricultural [...]

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Links In The Food Chain

How does food get “energized”? Plants gather energy from the sun, from water and from nutrients in soil.Plants are producers, meaning that they can make their own food through the process of photosynthesis. Producers are always the first link in a food chain because they have the magnificent power to convert energy into food.How do animals take [...]

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Soak Up The Sun: Get Outside To Get Your Vitamin D

What the human body is capable of doing is pretty incredible. It can turn food into energy.It can turn water into sweat. It can turn new experiences into memories and, how about this for cool? It can turn sunlight into a vitamin required for human survival. While most of the different vita-mins that kids need to grow and thrive enter the [...]

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How Sunlight Becomes Food

Living things like people and guinea pigs need energy. Children and young animals especially need a lot of energy because they are growing. Every person and every animal requires energy to keep the body’s systems going. Energy is needed for the heart to beat,for the lungs to expand and contract, for the brain to make sense of what the [...]

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Potato Chips: Revenge Never Tasted So Good

     Do you like yours plain, wavy, with ridges, barbecue flavored, or sour cream and onion? Potato chips are the most popular snack food in the Unit-ed States now, but they were invented not so long ago in 1853.While deliciously ingenious, the story of the potato chip is one of revenge. A well to do guest was dining at [...]

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The Mystery of Disappearing Bees

     About a decade ago, people star ted noticing that beehives were empty and bees were missing. Large numbers of bees across North America star ted dying,leaving their usually busy and buzzing hives unoccupied. The problem persisted, so farmers and scientists took notice. According to the Department of Agriculture, from October 2006 beekeepers began reporting losses of 30-90 percent [...]

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How Does It Work?: Microscopes

How incredible is it that two pieces of glass, a tube and some light can make what is too tiny to see visible?Invented in the late 1500's by a Dutch glasses maker named Zacharias Janssen,the compound microscope has literally changed the way human beings see the world.At the time when Zacharias was inventing, people were already using lens-es to see tiny objects better. [...]

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Farming Without Soil

     Close your eyes and imagine what a farm looks like. In your mind’s eye you probably see rows of plants in a field, a tractor with muddy tires and bunches of fresh produce. What if it was possible for a farm to produce tons and tons of food, but had no dirt at all?Hydroponic farms are environments where [...]

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The State of Ice Cream: Exploring the Phases of Matter By Making Ice Cream From Scratch

Matter is a scientific term that basically means stuff. Rocks are matter, and so are things as different as carrots and bicycles and raindrop sand air. Matter is mostly classified into three groups. These different groups are called states. These different states are solid, liquid and gas:Solids are matter with a definite shape and size. A brick, a [...]

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