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Butternut Squash


What is one benefit of living in a place with a chilly temperature? Better squash! Squash grown in a colder region like Minnesota are sweeter than those grown in more moderate climates like Maryland. What kind of climate do you live in?Don’t know? Go online and research it. 

Controversy surrounds the history of butternut squash. The type of squash was developed as part of an experimental agricultural program in Massachusetts. While one scientist is credited for it, the widow of an-other scientist refuted that claim. Whoever developed it, it is a delicious and easy to grow squash. 

Butternut squash tastes sweet. Because of this, it is often paired with other sweet ingredients be-cause they mesh well together. Ingredients like maple syrup, mo-lasses, brown sugar and cinnamon are often supporting flavors in dishes where butternut squash is the star.

A simple treat is butternut squash baked with a touch of butter and brown sugar.

Sometimes, butternut squash is paired with piquant or hot spices to create a contrast. Spices like black pepper and cayenne pepper that create a sensation of heat on the palate are an interesting counter point to butternut squash.

Pick squash that feel heavy and have very firm skin and no bruises.

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