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Grilling Safety


Now that it is summer time, more families are enjoying grilling food on barbecues.

Grills are just like the stove in the kitchen. A grill is a cooking tool that gets very hot and can cause burns.

Adults should grill. Kids should not!

Keep away from a grill when it is in use. Play at least 10 feet away from a hot grill. Be careful not to throw balls or other toys toward a hot grill.

Have little brothers or sisters? Use sidewalk chalk to draw a boundary around the grill area. Teach them not to go in that space when the grill is hot.

Have pets? Keep them away from a hot grill to avoid accidents or injuries.

Never play with a grill, even if it isn’t hot. Never play with fire.

If clothing or hair accidentally catches fire, remember: stop, drop and roll to put out the flames.

Be smart and stay safe!

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