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How Sunlight Becomes Food


Living things like people and guinea pigs need energy. Children and young animals especially need a lot of energy because they are growing. Every person and every animal requires energy to keep the body’s systems going. Energy is needed for the heart to beat,for the lungs to expand and contract, for the brain to make sense of what the eyes observe and the hundreds of other things that your body is doing right now. Where does all that energy come from? People and animals gather energy from the food they eat.

Plants grow, too, and also need energy. How do plants get the energy needed for growing? Instead of eating food, plants take in light and convert it into energy for growing. This process is called photosynthesis.

Light is a form of energy. Plants absorb light. A sub-stance called chlorophyll absorbs light from the sun through leaves. When light interacts with the leaves of a plant, chemical changes take place. These changes are called reactions. Light energy is transformed by plants into sugar.

A plant also needs carbon dioxide and water to thrive.A plant exposed to sun, water and carbon dioxide can make food for its survival. During the process of photosynthesis, sugar and oxygen is released. The sugar is stored in the plant as starch. The oxygen is released for people and animals to breathe.

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