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Kids' Activity: Kitchen Concentration


Introducing new ideas and fundamentals to kids requires explanation and repetition. One of the best ways to introduce new ideas to children is through games. The game Concentration, sometimes called Memory, is great for kids as young as 3. This game will work very well for introducing kitchen gadgets and explaining what the different gadgets can do. This game uses items already around your house, and costs next to nothing.

How to:

Gather together twenty safe, small kitchen tools:


measuring spoon

measuring cup

dough scraper

pizza cutter

cookie cutter

garlic press

can opener


kitchen twine

basting brush

muffin liner

bottle opener

ravioli maker



ice cream scoop

pie server


apple corer

Then, use an index card to write the name of each tool on. Place those cards face down in random order and arrange the tools alongside them. To play, select a cooking tool and then draw a card. If the tool and card match, the player keeps them. If not, the other player gets to select a tool and draw a card. The goal is to make the most matches. The player with the most matches wins.

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