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Potato Chips: Revenge Never Tasted So Good


     Do you like yours plain, wavy, with ridges, barbecue flavored, or sour cream and onion? Potato chips are the most popular snack food in the Unit-ed States now, but they were invented not so long ago in 1853.

While deliciously ingenious, the story of the potato chip is one of revenge. A well to do guest was dining at a fancy vacation resort in Saratoga Springs, New York one day. A side dish to his meal was fried potatoes. He did not like them. He felt that they were greasy and that the potatoes were cut too thick. The food was not to his liking, so he sent it back. The waiter re-turned to the kitchen and explained the problem to the chef who had made the potatoes.

The chef made another batch of potatoes and the waiter took them to the customer. He was still unsatisfied by this new batch of potatoes and sent them back to the kitchen again!

The chef, George Crum, prided himself on his ability to cook beautiful food, and was insulted and angry that a diner believed he knew better than the chef when it came to cooking potatoes! The chef decided that if these potatoes weren’t thin enough, he would make the potatoes as thin as possible to send a message that diners do not question the chef. Slicing the potatoes razor thin then frying them quickly, the chef sent the worried waiter with the potatoes into the dining room hoping to annoy and anger the diner. But, just the opposite happened! He loved the paper-thin potatoes, and everyone else did, too! All of a sudden, the kitchen got many requests for plates of these thin potatoes, and the Saratoga Chip, other wise known as the potato chip, was born!

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