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Blog - National Doughnut Day

National Doughnut Day


The first Friday of June is National Doughnut Day. This year it falls on June 7!

National Doughnut Day history

Did you know that America has taken its love for doughnuts around the world? During World War II, the American Red Cross recruited women volunteers to help the war effort and cheer up American soldiers serving in Europe. The Red Cross converted old buses and trucks into vehicles called Clubmobiles. Staffed by a driver and three American women, the Clubmobiles traveled across England and France bringing a few comforts from home.

Each Clubmobile was equipped with a doughnut-making machine and huge coffee pot. The volunteers shared their freshly made doughnuts and coffee with weary soldiers. A large record player was mounted in each of these vehicles, and was stocked with the most current hit records. Soldiers got to enjoy the music from home, get goodies like candy and gum, visit with the friendly volunteers and savor sweet doughnuts. What nickname did the soldiers give these brave volunteers? Doughnut dollies!

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