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Make Your Own Orange Juice for National Oranges and Lemons Day


Making your own orange juice is a fun activity if you have never tried it before. Plus, March 31 is National Oranges and Lemons Day, so it's the perfect way to celebrate!

By making your own, you control what goes in it, as premade orange juice from the store often has preservatives and other additives. To make a serving of orange juice, you will need 2-4 juicy oranges (Valencia are a good variety), and some equipment.

By hand: Have an adult to slice oranges in half. With clean hands, pick out seeds. Over a bowl, press a wooden spoon into the flesh of the orange, breaking up the segments and releasing juice into the bowl. If you like pulp, use the spoon to scrape flesh out of the juiced orange and add to juice. If you do not like pulp, strain juice before drinking.

With an electric juicer: Peel orange and break up segments. Carefully feed fruit into juicer.

With a food processor or blender: Peel orange and break up segments. Place in food processor or blender and pulse until fruit breaks down and juice is released. Strain to remove pulp, if you wish. Salut!

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