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Turkey Facts and a Fun Alternative to Black Friday


The fourth Thursday in November is always Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Family and friends gather from near and far to share a festive meal. The meal’s usual showstopper? The succulent, golden turkey! But, turkey has only been popular since the mid-1800s when a magazine suggested it, and the idea caught on.

If you were going to propose a new menu for Thanksgiving, what would it be? Does your family have any traditional Thanksgiving dishes that you eat instead of turkey? Share them in the comments!

Fast facts about turkeys

•Turkeys were first raised as food by the Aztecs in Mexico. Fossils show that turkeys roamed what is now Texas about 2,500,000 years ago.

•An average turkey purchased for a Thanksgiving meal is 15 pounds.

•The heaviest turkey ever weighed was 86 pounds.

•Turkeys have 3,500 feathers when fully grown.

•Each Thanksgiving Americans eat about 675 million pounds of turkey.

A fun alternative to Black Friday shopping

Don't feel like braving the crowds at stores? Take a hike in a regional, state, or national park. A bonus for Minnesotans: state parks have free admission the day after Thanksgiving. Of course, throwing a football around in your neighborhood park also works!

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