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Ingredient Magazine

ingredient-cover-collage.pngIngredient Magazine is the magazine for kids curious about food. 

copy-of-untitled-design-4-.png2010, loved even by picky eaters and reluctant readers, Ingredient magazine sparks curiosity about the food we eat, how we eat it and why we eat it. 

Get curious. We believe that kids should be curious about the world they live in and about the hows, whats, whys, and whens of the food they put in their bodies.

A strong food philosophy that is not prescriptive.We are proudly ad-free and sponsor-free, and write with no public health agenda, except that a diet rich in varied knowledge and curiosity is good for kids. We believe in kale and cupcakes, because food is food, and it means different things to different people. 


Geared toward readers ages 7-13, Ingredient aims to be a passport to a wide world of food. Emphasizing farm-to-fork and place-to-plate features, the magazine encourages a multi-disciplinary approach to food.

copy-of-untitled-design-3-.pngWith recipes, how-tos, activities, riddles, puzzles and games, Ingredient considers food from the perspectives of history, science, nutrition and culture. Offal, how juice boxes are made, what explorers ate during 15th century ocean voyages, going ice fishing, and growing herbs indoors are just a few of the diverse topics that jump off Ingredient’s pages and into hungry, captivated young imaginations.

High quality material for family fun. With an editorial board comprised of food writers, parents, teachers and special needs experts, the magazine aims to entertain and challenge readers with its depth and breadth of topics. Ditch the screen, and have real experiences as a family, not virtual ones.

High quality material for classroom learning. A fun and novel STEM addition to collections, Ingredient is a very good pick for school libraries. Bulk subscriptions for classroom adoptions are available. 

A tasty gift. A Parent’s Choice Award winner, the magazine is a perfect gift for the special kids in your life. 


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